Buying a Firm Mattress Queen for Back Pain


The suitable toughness of a mattress depends on the sleeping postures, so a tough mattress suits some of the sleepers. For instance, people sleeping at the back and stomach side tends to cope up with sinking body and non-alignment of the backbone during sleep. If such sleepers relax on squishy and soft mattresses, their hips can extend to sink into the bed and pressure the backbone to bend. When the spinal alignment is disturbed, it causes the back muscles to stress out, resulting in backache and stiffness. Thus, such sleepers require a tougher to manage their body weight by evenly distributing it, so the muscles are cushioned to relieve the stress during sleep.

In case you are looking after a tougher bed, we are here to assist you. We highlight the finest “firm mattress queen.” We regard and consider them in detail design, longevity, and guarantee coverage of all of the highest standard mattresses.

Regards When Buying a Queen Firm Mattress?

While purchasing a new mattress, here are few things that you must consider. Below, we highlight the different kinds of hard mattresses. You may come to know which mattress would suit you the best.

Benefits of queen firm mattresses for back pain

Sleeping on a hard mattress helps you relieve your back pain, says The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. However, “hard” means various things to various people, and the most suitable mattress’ selection depends upon the person’s body weight and sleeping postures. A hard mattress helps you relieve your back pain by distributing your body weight more evenly and assisting in the spine’s alignment. As a result, all these factors help you enhance your sleep.

What the research says?

2015 review looked into how types of mattresses influence sleep quality and alleviation of back pain of people with or without any backache. Studies classified the types of the mattress into following categories

  • soft
  • medium-hard
  • hard
  • self-modified

The studies showed that the medium-hard and the self-modified mattress proved to be the best to adjust spinal symmetry, sleep comfort, and sleep quality.

Other padding’s that can help backache

Some mattress’ brands also proposed pillows that are meant to relieve upper back and neck pain. Adjusting heights of such pillows by the people help them improve their spinal symmetry. Besides, if a sleeper needs to keep their mattress but alter its hardness, they might look for the top layer of the mattress made of either the memory foam or the wool, or maybe of the latex. Also, some alter their beds by changing their position in order to assist the backbone.


A specifically framed queen mattress may help relieve or eradicate backache, and a hard mattress could be a better choice than the soft and squishy one. However, the best level of hardness eventually depends on the person’s body frame and favored sleeping posture. If selecting more assistive padding does not relieve backache, a person must visit a doctor to go for better treatment choices.